Hey again! You've probably already read a little bit about me on my home page, so let's get to know each other a little better! I am based in Colorado, but I love to travel anywhere and everywhere. I love to spend my days in cute coffee shops, hanging out with friends, and trying new things like skateboarding, surfing, skiing, and painting.

I'm big on traveling and going on adventures - whether that means a weekend ski trip, hiking through the mountains in North Carolina, or taking photos at golden hour in Glacier National Park. I'm constantly in awe of all of the amazing creation God has made, and the fact that we are able to experience so much of it in our lifetimes.

I love meeting new people and being able to tell the stories of all of the amazing people I get to meet through photography. I believe that everyone has a beautiful story worth telling, and I feel really honored to be able to tell them through photos. Whether we're taking photos on the beach or on the top of a snowy mountain in Colorado, telling your authentic story matters a lot to me!


This year, I'm all in on adventure sessions & weddings in epic locations, but my travel fees are waived for the following locations: